les artisans aux Galeries Lafayette

European artisans are world renowned specialists who often spend lifetimes mastering their crafts for which many are willing to pay considerably. We’re all too familiar with the fruits of their labor which include clothing, leather goods, perfumes, wines and cheeses among other things. However, the experts themselves usually work behind closed doors within studios found either in countryside estates or Hausmannian mansions along Avenue Montagne. Their work spaces are typically closed to the public with access granted to a few select industry insiders. I recently discovered one Parisian department store that showcases the artisan’s creative process in plain sight. Patrons of Paris’ Galeries Lafayette can watch as their designer goods are painted, molded and stitched together right before their eyes. From hand painted handbags to bespoke dress shoes and jewelry, if you haven’t been fortunate enough to be invited to an artisan showroom, then make your way over to Galeries Lafayette to watch these experts bring their products to market. 

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana’s Sicily bag is hand painted at the boutique found at Galeries Lafayette.

JM LeGazel
A patination specialist, Jean-Marie Gazel applies his background in graffiti and street art, to create custom men’s shoes and leather goods. 

Atelier Pauline

French jeweler Atelier Pauline hand makes personalized bracelets, rings and necklaces onsite.Elle France


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