Spring is in the air, and it smells like…

Aside from dressing for the warmer weather changing up colognes in another way I mark the official switch from winter to spring. With the dark days of musk and leather now firmly behind us, it’s time to make room for lighter notes like fig, jasmine and sandalwood in the lineup.

To say that scent is the strongest sense tied to memory would be putting it mildly. If you’ve ever smelled something that reminded you of a certain place or person at a specific point in time, you can appreciate the importance of scents and their association. For those looking to make the most of it, here’s three distinct scents sure to make Summer ’18 among your most memorable.


Orris and Sandalwood, Jo Malone

If you’ve ever wondered what summer in Tuscany or evenings in Como smell like, look no further than Orris and Sandalwood from Jo Malone. Orris comes from the root of the iris plant harvested in Tuscany while sandalwood is typically found in spicer luxury perfumes. Together the opposing scents work in tandem to deliver a modern twist to the JM collection.


Soul of the Forrest, Replica – Maison Margiela 

Soul of the Forrest is a rich blend of two contrasting elements. It is both fruity and spicy, leading with top notes from blackcurrants and pimiento berries and settling with a unique blend of sap, vetiver, cedarwood and patchouli. The smallest whiff of this memorable scent will bring back your fondest summer memories long after the last drop is gone.

AnOther 13, Le Labo

AnOther 13 is a much welcomed addition to Le Labo’s lineup. This is the scent for your summer days; the brunches, the day parties and everything in between. The yin to Santal 33’s Yang, it has the same ambroxan base with ingredients like jasmine and moss at it’s surface. Borne out of a collaboration with AnOther magazine, 13 was sold exclusively at Colette until the boutique closed in December 2017. It can now be found wherever Le Labo products are sold.