the smell of winter

Lets face it, winter’s here. The sooner we embrace it the sooner it’ll be on its way again. And because Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory,  I like to prepare for its arrival by picking up a few new scents that help recall my favorite parts of the season.

For me those are the woody and spicy notes that call to mind evenings by the fireplace, the pine from the Christmas tree and that Saturday morning run to the coffee shop on a cold winter morning.

Scent often connects you with memories you thought you’d forgotten. From the smell of your first grade classroom to your ex’s shampoo, it shapes your perceptions of people, places and things. And unlike touch, scent transcends time which is why we often forget the winter’s frigid temperatures once they’re gone yet vividly recall the smell of a brisk autumn morning.

If you’re looking to test out some new winter scents the following are some of my favorite recommendations featuring woody ingredients like sandalwood, cedar, oak and oud to spicier ones like amber, fig and leather,

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