New Vibe, a yoga studio in the heart of Manhattan

On a snowy Saturday morning in early December, I walked into New Vibe Yoga looking to revamp my fitness routine with some Ashtanga yoga. Ashtanga is a well-balanced practice that works multiple parts of the body to develop strength, balance and flexibility. It involves syncing the breath with a series of postures which produce internal heat, in turn detoxifying the muscles and organs. The benefits … Continue reading New Vibe, a yoga studio in the heart of Manhattan

how to keep your fitness goals this year

Like clockwork, every January brings an influx of newcomers with newly minted gym memberships looking to make good on their fitness resolutions. Open treadmills become consistently scarce, spin classes full and finding a squat rack between the hours of five and eight pm can prove a confrontational task. Come late January, however, the number of new faces gradually tapers off and the fitness floor is restored … Continue reading how to keep your fitness goals this year

xMas wishlist list 2017

Sonos One brand: sonos, origin: santa barbara, 2002 This chic new speaker from Sonos combines sophisticated design, studio quality sound and machine learning software to deliver a premium user experience. Sonos One is equipped with Amazon’s Alexa, and compatible with Spotify voice (Google Assistant coming soon) allowing you to control your music by simply using your voice. For a modest $174 this speaker delivers solid bass for … Continue reading xMas wishlist list 2017